[pp.int.general] November 19th: World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse

eduardo at partidopirata.com.ar eduardo at partidopirata.com.ar
Thu Nov 14 13:43:11 CET 2013

The Argentine federal Senate approved  a law criminalizing grooming 
criminalizing the "intention"

"The bill amends the Criminal Code to punish, with a term of 
imprisonment of from six months to four years, those who approach 
children and adolescents for the purpose of corruption, after having 
contacted them through the Internet or via any other form of information 
technology. (Ybarra, supra.) Thus, simple contact with the child by any 
electronic means with the clear intent of "grooming" will be the crime; 
it is the preparation for an act of abuse of a child that will be 
penalized. In addition, if an actual meeting or physical contact with a 
minor is arranged, the punishment will be increased by two to four 
years. (Id.) "


Thinking about the November 19th, do something about what happens in 
real life with abuse

"World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse - 19 November"


Best regards.

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