[pp.int.general] Invitation to Pirate Party Luxembourg election party

Jerry Weyer jerry.weyer at piratepartei.lu
Thu Oct 10 11:32:23 CEST 2013

Dear Pirates,

On October 20th, Luxembourg will vote a new Parliament and Pirates are 
participating for the first time. I will and I cannot predict the 
future, so don't ask about our chances ;) However I can predict, that 
regardless of the results, we did a great campaign and we will celebrate!

Celebrations always make more fun with friends, so I hereby invite you 
to our

  * 'End of campaign' party on October 19th 2013, 19h00 at VERSO
    (http://www.verso.lu/ ), Luxembourg-City. We will have our last
    info-booth till the night and celebrate with campaigners and friends
    into the election day.
  * Election party on October 20th 2013, starting at 17h00 at STEILER
    (http://www.steiler.lu/ ), Luxembourg-City. Here we wait... (first
    results are expected for 19h00).

Because of our last-minute campaigning stress, couchsurfing organization 
will be limited. Please excuse us if we cannot find everyone a 
couchsurfing opportunity that might be interested.

In the meantime you can help us a bit by promoting Pirate Party Luxembourg:

  * by sharing/liking everything we post on
    https://www.facebook.com/Piratepartei ;) (on 18th therer will be a
    big fat "Vote Pirates" banner, sharing that one would be especially
  * by sharing/liking/tweeting/watching/hugging our elections spots
    (translated into many languages):
  * telling you many many luxembourgish friends to vote for us ;)

Hope to see some of you soon,

Kind regards,


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