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One of the priorities of the political world is to reward merit in Public Administration and hit the lazy and the corrupt. However the basic problem of the Public Employment is not yet brought into focus, despite in Italy the public collapse is more pronounced than in other Countries and for this reason we benefit the "luck" to have more opportunities to notice the effects of what is indeed a global evil: the PUBLIC CAREERISM.

The public careerist will always pursue the growth in terms of spending, power and expansion of "his" division, "his" office, his "cracy". At the same time he will introduce a conservatism, a stillness of organization and thought, which will make impossible the continuos evolving that a changing reality needs.

To talk of merit, loaferism and corruption is misleading. The first priority (because undermines the very foundation of this badly made Public Employment: the permanent position) is the introduction of the TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENT in all its jobs. Because the fixed public job basically is loved by the incompetent, insecure and despotic ones: the most willing to take bad roads to keep it. The most capable and honest humans never want to fossilize.

	Nothing will ever change without introducing the given time.

We must also consider that the Public Employment is a CO-OWNERSHIP of the Italian citizens. Far from being a philosophical/political ambition, the access open to citizens and to the same owners and operators of private activities (which at certain moments in their lives wished to make themselves useful temporarily) is vital for the best continuous evolution of Public Administration and of our entire Country. If we would leave the P.A. in the hands of the crazies for the fixed job, we'll continue to cut out the best elements of the Italian people.

Just for having the careerists monopolized the public roles, just because of their guilty, irresponsible, cultural omission in the process of democratization of the State, a CONSCIENCE of COMMON ASSET could not be developed and the entrepreneurs did not found any better, to access, that to privatize it. Nearly seventy years after the conquest of our popular sovereignty on the Res Publica, this has not yet been handed over to the citizens and is still prisoner, slave of the heirs of the duce and of kings, of fascism and of monarchy.


	This is the extraordinary awareness
	that ever had access in any school or university.

	Not only in Italy but throughout the world.

It's time to take action, therefore, in order the only real novelty (in the insipient landscape of ideas that surrounds us) could emerge: the TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENT in the PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT. The whole cultural world (controlled everywhere by public barons) for decades passes through a minimalist phase that prevents the development of great ideas and changes. It is therefore necessary to engage all of us, with a focused effort, to reach the wonderful milestone of an Italy, a Europe, an Earth free from the PUBLIC TYRANNOSAURS.

Danilo D'Antonio

Piazza del Municipio
64010 Rocca S. M. (TE)
Italy, Europe

tel. ++39 339 5014947



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