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Liviu Stefan liviustephan at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 3 19:37:32 CEST 2014

I’m a very, very new member of this group and I’m seeing
only battles around. We all need a force against old politics and I’m very
disappointed to see people attacking others just to point out a personal image.
I don’t know if you realize what most of you have?! - a Pirate Party to
express yourself. Others only dream of that. In my country, Romania, the
conditions to have a party or to access the elections are very hard and here
we’ve got just a pirate movement in a large pool of corrupt classic Parties
lead by former communist officers and their families robbing us not only our present,
but the future too. Why I’m telling you this? That’s because, instead of
fighting between us, we should be aware of liberties kept in a drawer in some UE
countries and act. We need a concentrated force. PPI is a large construction
and, because of our times, we have to do it fast, we can’t stop, measure, and
realign every brick at every step for every member and to criticize humanly administrative mistakes, usual in every young organization. We’ll never get everybody on board with
all their ideas of just. But we all have a general idea of what got us here
together. That’s why we have in PPI representatives that align our general believe
and we must trust their good intentions till the next internal elections. We
need new blood in European Politics and we can do that only if we’ve got all
the members support. Let’s not shoot ourselves in the leg before the battle
begins! PPI, in my opinion is no longer just a Party that protects the internet
freedom, it’s an entire movement for freedom from corporations and their
political clientele in UE!
That’s my point of view and if I don’t see those things
clearly it might be because I want more!
În Joi, 3 Aprilie 2014 18:33:47, Lisa <lisa at piratenpartij.nl> a scris:
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Thank you for the reply, Maxime. Could you please point me to the
contact info of this CoA so that I can formally address this issue
through the appropriate channels in order to get a formal ruling on
the situation?

@ all: I do appreciate the trolling and the bickering for
entertainment purposes, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to be able to
inform our board on whether or not there is a formal PPI GA that we're
about to miss.


On 3-4-2014 15:37, Maxime Rouquet wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 1:15 PM, Lisa <lisa at piratenpartij.nl>
> wrote:
>> Has there been consensus on whether or not this is a formal GA?
> As far as I am concerned, formal GA or not, there will anyway be a
> PPI Conference and I do my best to organize it like a few others.
> About the concerns expressed, I have not changed my position :
> Members who feel there is a problem should ask the Court of
> Arbitration to rule on it. There is no shame in asking an
> independent body to arbitrate. Its job is also to solve such
> situations without ending in throwing stink bombs at each other on
> mailing-lists.
> Regards,
> Maxime
> PS : obviously, being either charged or a witness, I would not seat
> as a CoA member if there was such a ruling.
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