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Lisa lisa at piratenpartij.nl
Wed Apr 23 13:03:31 CEST 2014

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Hello fellow pirates,

I've been thinking about something that I haven't seen on any of the
international mailinglists that I follow and I think it's an important
discussion to have.

There is the possibility that Sweden will lose its two seats in
European Parliament. It's not something we enjoy thinking about and
we're all hoping that it won't become a reality, but in politics you
can never rule anything out. We need to not only prepare for a best
case scenario, but a worst case as well.

If we lose the Swedish MEPs, it would be a complete waste to lose
their experience and their contacts as well. They have achieved
immense things over the past term and I would truly be sad if the
movement as a whole couldn't benefit from what they've done and learned.

Therefore, I'd like to give this into consideration to you all. If any
of the other European parties gets voted into the European Parliament
while the Swedish MEPs lose their seats, I would suggest that
Christian and/or Amelia get hired as a consultant by whoever replaces

So please, take this back to your party and open up the discussion to
ensure that we do not set ourselves back a few steps if this 'worst
case scenario' comes true for PP-SE and the pirate movement as a whole.

Love, Lisa

PS: this is assuming that Christian and Amelia would be willing to be
hired as such, of course. I'd love to hear their take on this as well.
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