[pp.int.general] Clarification on PPIT and EU elections?

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Sun Apr 27 00:10:46 CEST 2014

At this point, maybe a summary is due:

1. PP-IT was not able to collect 150.000 signs necessaries to
partecipate directly to European Elections
2. Alliances with other established parties (like M5S, PD, PDL were out
of consideration). Even the greens were out of elections before a
recourse presented and won at the last.
3. We identified Tsipras list "L'altra Europa" as a new face, probably
strong enough to pass the 4% quorum
4. Tsipras agreed to adopt PP-IT program for digital rights
5. The decision in PP-IT online assembly to move towards this direction
passed with a huge majority: 83%
6. We have been working long time together with them to succeed in this
goal . We also are managing a communication campaign with all the
candidates of the list.
7. The registration request to PP-IT of some of the Tsipras candidates,
like Roberto Fattori, would be interpreted as a good communication job
we are doing with them
8. This activity is giving us the opportunity to talk to a large
electorate, not accessible otherwise.

Daniele Monteleone

On 04/26/2014 06:14 PM, Cal. wrote:
> On 26 April 2014 17:59, Robotica <lists at robotica.it> wrote:
>> Our candidate is Tommaso fattori,
> Hold, put this way that's just a lie. There is no party resolution saying that.
> Tommaso Fattori is a candidate of Tsipras' list, whom after (or
> shortly before) becoming candidate, has expressed some interest in
> pirate party of italy. We tried to include a pirate candidate in that
> list, and failed/have been denied.
> Language selective post scriptum:
> danie', non c'è alcun motivo di mentire diplomaticamente a gente dello
> stesso fottuto partito.
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