[pp.int.general] LQFB: status quo in Germany // was: liquid feedback papers and/or data?

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On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 1:50 PM, carlo von lynX <lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org
> wrote:

> > 1. Unlawfulness & Voting machine problem
> > The Voting machine problem means, that technically a democratic election
> basically only can have 2 of the following 3 qualities:
> > Electronic, secret & open to scrutiny.
> That is why it is absurd to expect digital voting to allow for
> privacy of the participants. If you don't like being a politician,
> stay out of the steering permanent assembly of your pirate party,
> but don't expect the party to either have no transparency and
> accountability, or to revert to more primitive forms of democracy
> with their respective huge problems.

This is a false dichotomy. If you are a delegate/representative, of course
you are being a politician and of course your vote should be public. But if
you are just voting (or delegating your vote into someone), a secret ballot
is a good thing: no one needs to know your vote, no one can force you to
vote one way or another.
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