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> Yes, in exchange everybody knows about it so they can question you for
> that and decide to stop you from making a career in politics by not
> electing you etc etc

No, the actual candidate might perfectly have nothing to do with it. For
example the candidate might just want to lower the taxes on the rich
because he really thinks that is the best for society... and then the rich
people, independently, might buy the votes of the poor people just because
that candidate's ideas benefit them.

 Yes, but that is not how corruption works. If he is motivated to do you

> a favor and nobody will hold him accountable for that, it may be a good
> investment for you to just try to make him feel good about you. In real
> parliaments corruption happens by secret vote.

Oh, but it actually works that way. You should study the history of Spain
(I am spanish) in the XIX century and you would see why now, for official
government elections, we have secret vote and why those who count the votes
are normal citizens elected randomly.

And of course, it's a very different thing to want secret vote for
representatives and for citizens.
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