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Tomasz Słowiński | Polska Partia Piratów tomasz.slowinski at polskapartiapiratow.pl
Mon Apr 28 16:34:36 CEST 2014


I'm sorry but I don't know what to say or think about it... I'm so 
angry, disappointed and embarrassed... I thought so far, that we, as a 
pirates and pirate parties, should support each other in pirate 
movement, but apparently looks like I was wrong.

This is nothing personal but Amelia officially supports candidate 
(http://youtu.be/PHUb1E2vs_c ) of one of the most populist party in 
Poland. Twoj Ruch - ex Ruch Palikota - political opponent party to the 
Polish Pirates PP-PL. The party that tried to take over polish pirates, 
no only legal ways. The party which was built on scams and led by a man 
who honestly uses the people around him. I understand that Amelia and 
Agata (the women supported by Amelia) know each other and worked 
together before, but when Amelia supports a candidate from Twoj Ruch 
then weakens Polish Pirates who are also candidates.

I worked with Amelia's office in translating texts bringing down the 
nights to do it quickly and accurately. I was glad that I could help. I 
didn't expect nothing more than - Thanks. Good job - but I never have 
it. I asked for support because I'm also running for the European 
Parliament but never got any response which is also sad.

Let's talk also about other side of the coin I especially appreciate the 
cooperation of PP-AT and I would like to thank them for all the support. 
Thanks are also due to Partick Schiffer from PP-DE who shared his 
graphic works. Thanks to everyone who helped me win the primaries in my 
region - you are fantastic! I think that supporting each other is one of 
those things that should make us different from other parties. This is 
the way we should cooperate - only than we can win election in most of 
our countries. Only united we have power.

So remember - if you want to officially support politicians from other 
countries and other parties - contact Pirates from those countries first 
to not fight them.

Tomasz Słowiński
Vice-chairman PP-PL
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rzecznik at polskapartiapiratow.pl
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