[pp.int.general] Oracle / Java put embargo to Russia

Francisco George francisco.george at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 02:22:19 CEST 2014

"Much ado about...nothing"

1) Didn't see any report on PIRATE social media about this and I personally
follow closely what Jelena post as she usually has first hand info.

2) The embargo...could be on the russian side as well as from the "western"
side. Russia has barred any importations of lots of goods from europeans
countries and the US.

3) Maybe you are too young to remember, but at the begining of the
popularity of the internet, almost 20 years ago any foreign country was
banned to download any browser that would be higher than 64bits, if my
memory is right, higher encryption were considered by US Gov as weapons and
highly submitted to export embargo to any third countries(including EU

4) I remember quite well Phil Zimmerman(PGP) beind accused and arrested for
allegedly leaking thousands printed A4 sheets of his PGP code to Norway by
snail mail, have them scanned to reassemble the total code in Europe. If my
memory is right...only the digital export was contemplated by US law...not
the printed one.

So I do find Jelena alert quite approriate due to the actual sanctions war
between the "Western" countries and Russia...and if it has not happened yet
it could very well happen at any moment. Maybe smaller isps are not already
aware of the scope of the recents ban...as Lisa corespondent stated russia
allowed IP range seem quite a mess and there could be a delay in applying
full ban.

Where the sanctions have already been applied at full range is in the
fruits and vegetables market, as already spanish producers have received
TOTAL cancelation of russians orders for their products. This will cost
already an estimate 300 millons € damage for spanish vegetables/fruits
exportation sector.

Jelena post was merely a warning and I don't see why it has been received
so harshly.

Oh and one thing more that just came to my mind...it will affect also
opensource software like Openjdk...remember that Sourceforge and Github are
already compelled to ban access from countries on the US Trade Dept.
blacklist...like Iran for example.

Best regards

Francisco George
El 10/08/2014 21:15, "Jelena Jovanovic" <jelena.the.one at gmail.com> escribió:

> *this was not posted on PPI social media*
> people who told me that do not even come close to java nor they could
> check, as they are not Russians (neither am I).
> On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 9:12 PM, Lisa <lisa at piratenpartij.nl> wrote:
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>> It would have been nice if you had informed us about this as well, so
>> that you could have spared us from doing the same (?) research and
>> prevented some of the unrest that was caused by your initial message
>> and the one following that afternoon.
>> You didn't answer my other questions though; where did you get the
>> information in the first place and was this posted on PPI social media?
>> Cheers,
>> Lisa
>> On 10-8-2014 20:27, Jelena Jovanovic wrote:
>> > Hey, Lilo
>> >
>> > I checked it the next morning, it is not confirmed. Java in Russia
>> > is fine (source: Rosskomnadzor crew) Its a Help Page, not a serious
>> > thing on java website. It would be gruesome if this was true....
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