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Sorry about the delay, I had to check in with some people before I wrote
this publicly, since it references some people and information I have,
and I wanted to be sure they were all ok with it.

On 12/26/2013 2:24 PM, Jelena Jovanovic wrote:
> Andrew Northon is banned from all known pirate pages for trolling and
> hate speech. Answers bashing out Hammond he received more than once.

Yes, Jelena, the 'hate speech' was that I wasn't going to do free work
for your 'pr company' any more. Or was it the linking to a screening of
TPB AFK I was hosting, when you linked to the torrent. As you're 'admin'
you can see all the posts you've marked as 'deleted' so seeing my
comment shouldn't be a problem, and you can easily screenshot this nasty
'trolling' I was doing. If you need help finding it, it was
https://www.facebook.com/ppinternational/posts/710020175691046. (Running
the TorrentFreak page means I have to delete all kinds of trolling and
spamming all the time, so I know what you can and can't do)

You know I sent screenshots of the incident (including the 'troll')
response to my PPI rep at the PPUK. Ones like this http://db.tt/EG1KfXOG

Or was it the 'trolling' where I pointed out that the people running
Kazan's elections weren't following their own procedures, and when it
was pointed out that the elections were run improperly, the response was
'you could have objected at the time and not a month later' Except I did
ask about the results the next day
but it was raised within hours of the results being published
So trolling is now 'raising legitimate questions about the validity and
integrity of elections and their results'?

It seems if your allegations were true, then you should be able to
provide PLENTY of evidence to support this. Except you can't, because
you don't have any. It's just more ooh, *censorship* (although I loathe
to use the word) against your critics.

But hey, Jelena, it's not like there isn't a load of reporters and media
on this list, who who note who says what, or that you don't represent
any of the Pirate Ideals.

hey Court Of Arbitration, any chance we can get a look into Jelena's
actions, and how she's acting on behalf of the PPI in an arbitrary and
capricious matter? (I did check the Board meeting minutes, but the last
one is November 12, so either they've not held a meeting since in
violation of the statutes and their RoP, or they've not bothered with
the basics of minuting them, again a RoP violation as well as one of
basic transparency)
Nevertheless, the actions by Jelena took place in August after a PPI
post about 'sexy PPI admins' was commented upon as her fishing for
compliments (https://db.tt/OBEzfCKM - yes, that's the 'trolling'), and I
see no mention of that in any minutes, leading me to suspect it was
unilateral action by a supposed representative of PPI for personal reasons.

We have people doing things in the name of PPI, that are antithetical to
Pirate Politics. We have had questionable 'elections', arbitrary
actions, and undocumented 'meetings'. It's not the kind of actions we
like to promote, indeed it's the very actions we formed to condemn.

It's probably why another quite senior member for a member party, has
told me "it seems PPI is in the business of trying to make PPI look
functional and mask, rather than fix the issues that are present". It's
why major issues like the bank accounts still haven't been sorted, or
the rules followed, but but we have to make conferences look good.
Seriously, look over the 'minutes'. There's lots of excuses why major
things don't get done, but lots of boasting about conferences attended
and speeches given (at least by those that can bother turning up).

We again, furiously bang at our keyboards, demanding officials take
account for their actions, and get rid of the useless and ineffective,
and yet we have PPI which has becomes totally unfit for purpose. And
stunts like the WTO are not helping either. In Bali (according to those
I have spoken to) they did a lot of talking, but when it came to
presenting a paper, it had all the substance of a tweet (if you've not
read it, it's at
http://www.wto.org/english/thewto_e/minist_e/mc9_e/ngo_ppi_e.pdf). It is
just a 'hey, this would be a good idea' without substantive background,
references, data, or information. You could replace it with this tweet
and lose nothing.
"more #copyright thn eva. Try #publiclicenses, would be cool. Thanks
Of course, the reason is it was mostly done on a pad 12 hours before.
gotta love planning, considering there were 2 weeks notice at least.

So here's the thing. Don't go telling everyone else you're pirates, if
you're only a pirate when it comes to others. Otherwise you're just like
the law enforcement that looks the other way when another cop breaks the
law. Mainly because when you break your own rules and principles (and
PPI has done that over and over) then you end up losing any
justification to criticize those that have done the same.

I also wonder what sort of reception/opinion those PPI officers would
have for whistleblowers, if it were them the whistle was being blown on.
I'd guess they wouldn't be too fond then. I know I don't have anything
to fear from them, for instance, because I always follow the rules. I
may annoy people, certainly, but in every case, it's always because I
follow the rules and principles of the Pirate wheel, and look for long
term gains, rather than a short-term goal. People that have a problem
with that, might want to ask themselves "are you sure you're a pirate?"


> Keep up with your "activism", Northon. 
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>     >
>     > Be ignorant, be foolish all you want. But do so in your own name,
>     don't
>     > drag me and everyone else down by trying to make that guttersnipe seem
>     > hard done by, especially with all the harm he's done our cause
>     > politically. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Hammond was
>     never a
>     > friend of the Pirates, we were just a means for him to try and get
>     more
>     > followers. And if you think otherwise, then you never met Hammond, or
>     > are too busy lying to yourself to be objective.
>     >
>     > TL;DR
>     > Hammond is not a hero, never was, and any attempt to portray him
>     as such
>     > will only ever backfire on us.
>     >
>     > Andrew
>     After Prague 2012 misbehaviour and the whole plot to keep its
>     consequences out of sight in Kazan/Brussels 2013... if anyone thinks
>     we need anything stupid additional to drag the whole pirate movement
>     down to plain nothingness then he is just a playing kiddy.
>     Someone ThinkTwice :(.
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