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    Both Linux and GNU/Linux are correct. It is entirely possible to create
    a Linux distribution that does not use the GNU userland. Android is an
    example, using largely proprietary programs rather than GNU's - making
    it explicitly "Linux".

Android is comparable to GNU/Linux: it is an operating system which
contains Linux.  To call Android "Linux" would be extremely confusing;
calling GNU/Linux "Linux" is equally so.

    A better discussion would be, who the bloody hell cares.

Some people care about giving credit where it is due.
Some people -- including many supporters of the Pirate Party --
care about the freedoms for which we developed the GNU system
and would like to support us in campaigning for them today.

Each person reading this can decide whether to care.
See http://www.gnu.org/gnu/why-gnu-linux.html for some
reasons why you might want to.

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