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I #StandWithStallman. I call it "GNU plus Linux" every time instead of just saying "Linux". It's not hard to say. It is good to call things by their name. My friend William doesn't like to be called Bill, so I don't shorten his name anyways and keep telling him when he complains that I do it because it is shorter and more convenient. Introducing the name GNU to a newbie in the free software world should be viewed as necessary rather than a burden. It would be a disservice not to do so. Anyways, that's my two cents.

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> This is ROFLCOPTER. The propability that ROFLCOPTER shows up is
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> Am 18.01.2014 16:40, schrieb Patrick Godschalk:
>> Sure, I know that considering the term 'photoshopped' becomes common
>> usage, Adobe will be able to exercise their trademarks less and less.
>> This is not a bad thing. Trademarks should exist solely for the
>> protection of the consumer, not for the benefit of Adobe.
>> Other than that, you can kindly take your assumptions and shove them up
>> your own ass. That will be all.
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