[pp.int.general] Nominations and Candidates for the Board of PPEU

Martina Pöser martina.poeser at bremen.piratenpartei.de
Wed Jan 29 15:17:50 CET 2014

Dear all,

as you all might know, the PPEU will (hopefully) be founded on March the 21st 2014 in Brussels (https://europeanpirates.eu/). 

To prepare for the foundation, the Pirate Parties which will be founding members will have to officially nominate candidates for the Board until February 20th 2014.

We will need 1 Chairman, 2 Vice-Chairmen, 1 Treasurer and up to 5 other Board members.

To make the Board international, Pirates from many different Pirate Parties will hopefully send a Pirate as a member there. To make this easier and allow for all Parties to also nominate candidates from other Pirate Parties, I have installed a Common Candidate Portal on the PP-DE's wiki and kindly ask every Pirate who is interested to become a Board member to announce their candidacy there:


Please leave the last option "Nominating PP" empty, until you get officially nominated by a PP.

What Board members will have to do, can be looked up in the Statutes: http://ppeu.net/wiki/doku.php?id=statutes:final

Any Pirate Party (who will be a founding member of PPEU) may nominate as many candidates for as many positions from as many parties as they like.

But like this we will be able to get an overview over the possible candidates at one place. I didn't put it up into the PPEU.wiki, as not everyone has user rights to write there and those are difficult to establish. Just ask for an account for the German wiki under "Anmelden/Benutzerkonto erstellen" and you will get one! But I might move the portal afterwards to the PPEU.wiki for documentation purposes.

Please remember that each Pirate Party also has to nominate their own delegates for the Council.

Best regards,


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