[pp.int.general] NSA says: TOR user = Terrorists

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also relevant: http://daserste.ndr.de/panorama/xkeyscorerules100.txt

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> We learnt about the NSA's XKeyscore program a year ago, and about its
> incredibly wide reach. But now the German TV stations NDR and WDR claim to
> have excerpts from its source code. We already knew that the NSA and GCHQ
> have been targeting Tor and its users, but the latest leak reveals some
> details about which Tor exit nodes were selected for surveillance --
> including at least one in Germany, which is likely to increase public anger
> there. It also shows that Tor users are explicitly regarded as "extremists"
> More / source:
> https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20140703/02494927769/nsas-xkeyscore-source-code-leaked-shows-tor-users-classified-as-extremists.shtml
> Suggestion for a secure PC & Internet in times of surveillance scandal:
> • Operating system: https://tails.boum.org/ (used by Snowden; free
> software, which tunnels all internet traffic automatically through the TOR
> network, and which surface can look like the surface of Windows 8 or XP)
> • + https://freenetproject.org (most secure anonymous filesharing
> software, which exists so far)
> Regarding software the most important thing is to use a secure operation
> system; it's the fundament for everything, which you do with a PC regarding
> software. So it's a weakness, if on the one hand one relies on programs
> like the freenet project or TOR, but on the other hand does so on
> foundation of windows, which has a direct wire to the NSA.
> For pirate parties, it's a good idea to cultivate TOR by setting up a TOR
> exit node.
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> / aka Oliver
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