[pp.int.general] Are pirates anty-monopolies in general (or only in the area of government granted intellectual monopolies)?

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Ahoi Zbigniew,

On first hand your observation is right. But nearly at the end of the article, after reading 80% of this document, you find the answer:

"There is no market here whatsoever. Any real market is open. Prices are transparent. You can enter it or exit a real market at will. You can compare contracts. So the free market ideology basically leaves us free of markets. The free market ideology is the fastest way to complete concentration of power.

So the free market ideology has killed markets?

The free market ideology has killed markets."

The point ist the general misunderstanding between continental-europeans - supposedly influenced by Marx, Engels and their fellowers theories - and anglo-saxonian point of view.

We here in Europe are used and trained to think, capitalism is bad. It is the heritage of socialism, the majority of us carry with it with us. But, rationally seen, capitalism ist not bad or good per se. It neither is an ideology, like  the majority of "left Parties followers" in Europe think. It is just a way to manage life and daily business.

For anglo-saxonian understanding, it is the perfect way to organize economic life in any society.

The main value, this is based on, is "Freedom", or "Liberty". The political sphere and the economic sphere necessarily need to be strictly separated to realize this. There should be no mix between political structures an economic structures, which is not transparent, open, evident and provable for an member of the society.

In that "liberal" world, it is not possible, that persons with big economic power get preferred treatment by any office, administration oder governmental unit. So to say: In a liberal world. The President of a nation or country, like Vladimir Putin, would not receive a big companies leader like, Joe Käser, from SIEMENS, for political conversation. And there would be no way to spent those "leaders" more attention than to other people.

The problem you face is your understanding of "free markets" vs. a liberal understanding of "free markets". "Free market" in liberal context, ist strictly ruled and regulated with the purpose to avoid any concentration of power, who might destroy or disturb equalitiy of market participants.

"Free market" in Neo-Feudalism (compare with the analyses of Juergen Habermas, that we are going into a new age for feudalism), even called- "neo-conservatism" or even worse "neo-liberalism", means the strict absence of any rules.

The political gap in Americas society takes place between that two ways to see economy. Not between "socialist" and "liberal" models, like we are used to in Europe. Liberalism ist not the bad, and socialism for sure not the good way to organize a societies economy. The key point of democracy is the balance of power. Not the realization of specific a system.

Pirates in Germany have to face that discussion right now. It led the party down to 1,4% in the EU-Elections. I'm  Bavarian, so far member of Pirate Party Germany.

But indeed, they obviously use it in that article in an ironic way and didn't mark that with anything. Might be due to buzz-word searching in order to spread up the range of the article in the internet.

I'm still looking for international pirates to join our Tem Energy policy.

Where you from? May be we can meet one day.

Best regards

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>Food for thought:
>I think the title should actually be 'How capitalism killed free market"
>not the other way around - but it is very interesting.
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