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Just as a point of order, isn't this a bit late?

Statutes say"
(Statute IX(7) Meetings of the General Assembly will be announced at
least five weeks prior to the meeting. The invitation will be sent out
by the Board to all Members and published on the homepage of Pirate
Parties International website."

it's now just over TWO, not 5.

Thus I can't see how this can be now considered a valid GA under the

It's not as if it wasn't basically pre-planned back last summer. But,
the statutes are EXPLICIT on this. That the Board failed (yet again) in
their required duties.

As best I can tell, the earliest date right now that meets the Statutes
will be the weekend of the 3rd of May. I'm pretty sure we can organise
an online-only GA for then, right people? I mean we ARE the party of the
technologist, can't manage that, then might as well not bother.

Of course, for many of us, that's only a week or two before the EU
elections, so going to be difficult for a  lot of us to find the value
in bureaucratic ego-stroking at that time, so perhaps the weekend of May

But yeah, under the statutes, this is clearly a no-go.


On 3/27/2014 6:40 PM, Gregory Engels wrote:
> *Please forward this invitation to whom it may concern*
> *
> *
> *Invitation PPI Conference Paris 12th/13th of April*
> Dear Pirates,
> we would like to invite you to the 2014 Pirate Parties International
> Conference which will be held on April 12th and 13st in Paris, France.
> During this conference, the General Assembly - PPI's highest body - will
> decide upon 
>   * the admittance of new members to the PPI, 
>   * elect a new board and 
>   * discuss and vote on amendments to the PPI statutes. 
> The preliminary timetable can be found at the end of this message.
> *Open Space: Emerging Issues for the Global Society*
> The world is on fire, democracy under pressure more than ever and all
> the trends, that the Pirateparties warned about are getting worse by the
> minute. We want to and have to raise our voices on these gloabl issues
> in a constructive way.
> In that spirit of maintaining communication and co-operation between
> Pirate Parties around the world an Open Space event workshop is planned
> to be held on the first day of the conference. Open Space Technology is
> a powerful tool that allows to handle the most complex matters with the
> ease of a coffee break, and will allow us to take a glance at the future
> of the PPI and our visibility in the world. For this session we have
> picked the theme „Emerging Issues for the Global Society“. Be ready to
> immerse in this topic in dynamic, high-energetic environment. 
> *Everybody welcome*
> Each PPI member can register up to 6 persons as official delegates (PPI
> Statutes IX.4), but all Pirates and interested persons are very welcome
> to join as guests.
> *Delegates: Please follow Rules of Procedure*
> According to the standing Rules of Procedure, all local and remote
> delegates must present written authorization from a member of their
> respective board unless they are designated International Coordinator or
> equivalent on their parties official website. Each person may represent
> as a delegate no more than 2 parties. (PPI RoP Art.1 §4) We kindly ask
> the delegates to present such accreditation in advance, in order to
> speed up the conference proceeding. This is especially true for remote
> delegations, as we would like to connect you with your designated local
> proxy for technical set-up.
> *Registration*
> To register for the conference please fill in the form
> at http://ppinternational.eventbrite.com
> <http://ppinternational.eventbrite.com/> or send in an email to
> conference (at) pp-international.net <http://pp-international.net>
> *Pay what you ... well: can*
> This time we do not ask for a participation fee for the conference (for
> the past conferences we had fees between 25 and 70 Euro) - but instead
> we will use the „pay what you want“ model. As the event does cost a lot
> - please pay, even if it's just a little :-)
> *Official business*
> The General Assembly will also elect a new board and other officers of
> PPI. Candidates should either submit their application
> to http://wiki.pp-international.net/PPI_Conference_2014/Board_candidatures or
> e-mail their application to board (at) pp-international (dot) net. 
> The deadline for submitting proposals for amendments to PPI Statutes was
> March 14th 23:59 CET. Please consult the submitted proposals
> at:  http://wiki.pp-international.net/PPI_Conference_2014/Statutes_Amendments Other
> motions do not have a deadline and can be found
> here: http://wiki.pp-international.net/PPI_Conference_2014/Other_proposals
> For further information concerning the 2012 PPI conference you can
> visit  http://wiki.pp-international.net/PPI_Conference_2014 or contact
> the Board at board at pp-international.net <mailto:board at pp-international.net>.
> Kind regards,
> the Board of the PPI
> ==
> Preliminary timetable:
> 11. April 2014 - Friday 
> 19:00 - Social event 
> 12. April 2014 - Saturday
> 09:00 Delegates accreditation 
> 10:00 Opening of the conference 
> 20:00 Social event 
> 13. April 2014 - Sunday
> 10:00 Conference reopen
> General Assembly 
> * Admittance of new PPI Members
> * Reports PPI officers (board, court, lay auditors) 
> * Elections of PPI officers (board, court, lay auditors)
> * Motions and Statutes Amendments
> * Issue of statements
> * Press Conference
> 18:00 Official Conference End 
> (*) all official events will be streamed
> ____________________________________________________
> Pirate Parties International - General Talk
> pp.international.general at lists.pirateweb.net
> http://lists.pirateweb.net/mailman/listinfo/pp.international.general

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