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On 3/27/2014 9:01 PM, Maxime Rouquet wrote:
> On 03/28/2014 01:09 AM, Andrew Norton wrote:
>> Am I right, people?
> Please pursue your reading of the PPI Statutes up to paragraph XIVa.(3):
> 	the Court of Arbitration has the exclusive power to [...]
> 	decide on the validity of legal acts of the organs of the PPI.
> If you have charges, file a case to the CoA. In the meantime, please
> let the Board organise the GA without wasting our time remaining before.

So, to get things straight, Maxime Rouquet (The lead person organising
the event) says that the Court of Arbitration (whose longest serving
member is Maxime Rouquet) should decide instead. I see. Even though it's
pretty open and shut, and all you had to do was point at the
announcement. Real Simple.

So you're admitting the announcement doesn't exist either? Ok that's
sorted. So it's pretty open-and-shut case then really. And you don't
need me to file a complaint, "The Court will, if needed, begin a
self-initiated procedure, acknowledging the board and the members of PPI
through the pp-leaders mailing list if such a need arises." (from it's
own ROP). Since no-one actually got any notices, it's hard to reconcile
it with the requirements of the statutes.

Above all else, right at the top of the statutes, at the start of
article II it says:
II. Goals
(1) The goals of the association are:
a) to act according to the major interests and goals of its Members,

Our interests include accountability and transparency. In case you had
forgotten what that means, it means conducting matters openly, taking
responsibility for those matters, and dealing with the consequences like
an adult.

The requirement wasn't hard. You could have made it, the Board could
have made it. It was on their Mid-Feb meeting minutes to make them. They

You (and They). Messed. Up.

Be an adult, be a Pirate, and accept the responsibility. It's not like
there's a whole lot of doubt in the matter. We all know that there was
no announcement (as I've said before, if there was, you'd have pointed
to it already). It's pretty much open and shut.

And you do remember why we had that rule, don't you? It was to avoid
last minute surprises. It was so that there was time to plan, prepare
and organise. Imagine what would happen otherwise, if, say, laws were
passed suddenly with no real public notice, and in such a short
time-frame that most people can't be heard? You know, like HADOPI was at
one point
or the Digital Economy Act was pushed through in the 'wash up session'
of the last UK Government, or the USA PATRIOT ACT was raced through, or
how they're attempting to fast-track the TPP in the US without debate.
What do these things all have in common? They're all anti-freedom laws
that were passed quickly, with little debate precisely because they're
so bad. It's one reason we have these advanced notice rules.

Also, You organised the event, great. You knew about it, so can go. The
rest of the board did, great. You've had time to book cheap travel, get
cheap accommodation, and book time off work (if applicable). This is the
first notice for most, and air-fares are going up, hotels are harder to
find, and let's hope your boss is understanding. And let's not forget
international travellers who may need visa's, or who may get significant
extra screening because of the short-notice of the flight.

It's also why the only two statute amendments
are from a board member. Mainly because the deadline was 2 weeks ago,
and no notice went out. If no-one knows, how can they submit? It's the
very opposite of what we stand for.

> Best regards,

For who? Not for the pirate movement, that's for sure.


> Maxime
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