[pp.int.general] Worrying tendency regarding our message board policies

hyazinthe at emailn.de hyazinthe at emailn.de
Tue May 13 15:16:26 CEST 2014

Hi folks, I'm noticing a worrying tendency across the pirate party message boards;
I see it in Austria, I see it in the UK, and now also in Sweden: Message boards got locked down;
only fully accessable for official, paying members; probably in order to avoid vandalism.

When you see such development, please play your role and take action against it;
international cooperation is extremely handicapped, when the opportunity is abolished, that everyone
is able to address a mass medium of a pirate party in order to have constructive exchange with
the pirate party basis.
Additionally this locking down is completely against a very unique and positive quality, some pirate
parties have and what distinguishes them from all other political parties: It's this liquid, barrier-free, open access
to the pirate party, it's this "it doesn't matter, if you're member; you can do everything without membership
as long as you don't want to vote on party conventions or the resolution systems of the pirate party";
this attitude is pure expression of putting proper political work in the center of our acting instead
success of us as a political party; and it's pure expression of us as being not only a political party,
but also an activists movement.
I also don't see how closed club culture goes hand in hand with our open access principle...

I mean... just explain me, how, for instance, crucial information flow between the pirate party basis of
the pirate parties across the world is supposed to happen, if we don't chose a structure for us, which
enables every person, to head for our pirate party basis effortlessly and fast for verbal exchange.
I just don't see it. Is one supposed to place his information here on this mailing list and asking all
readers for forwarding the information into the mass medium of his country pirate party ?
If one does so, do people here in practice really act like this then ?

A charming solution would be, that all message boards of the pirate parties across the world each would
be staffed with a "global section", which is connected to all other "global sections" of all the pirate
party message boards, so that this "global section" is the window of all pirate parties of the world to
one central point for borderless global coordination... well, but that's future music...

I know that we don't have a very sophisticated international communication structure – yet ;) –
facing this, I just think it's not a good idea, to make it worse than it still is.

/ aka Oliver

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