[pp.int.general] International demo day against TTIP & Co. (15.05.) - Situation in Europe

Aram Gurekian aramgk at gmail.com
Wed May 14 08:27:18 CEST 2014

Hi there!

In Rome we will have a press conference.
It will be held @Camera dei Deputati (lower house of the Italian
Parliament) and it is organized by the STOP TTIP Campaign to which PP-IT
adhered in march.
It will also be a plea to the Italian Parliament members and to all the
EU14 candidates, to subscribe the campaign issues.


It has been organized almost last-minute and the details are still under
construction, so I am still updating the wiki.

Greetings and good luck for the demos and for EU14!


On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 7:40 AM, <hyazinthe at emailn.de> wrote:

> Hi folks :) ,
> short: A lot happened, the topic is getting hotter and hotter, around
> 1.100 people across at least 5 european countries will demonstrate against
> TTIP & Co.
> Internationally it's kind a okay, what was build up; up to now it seems
> that in
> 1 day more than 1.100 people across at least 5 countries will go on the
> streets
> in order to demonstrate against TTIP & Co. :
>> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aoy9qQVBBZNCdGZXR0VCWTNKcW56ZmdZV0pjbjlZVHc&usp=sharing
> • probably our peak demo will be the demo in Brussels, Belgium; currently
> 607 people promised, that they will
> participate at the demo in Brussels; the demo in Brussels, which will
> start at 08:00 (UTC+02), will be livestreamed,
> and that under the following URL: http:///
> www.indignez-vous.be/index-StreamLiveBelgium.html
> When you look at the protestmap or relate statistics preview page and think
> "HEY ! Demo x is missing !", then add information of that demo x on the
> country wiki page of
> the related country: http://abload.de/img/screenshot-adding_demtbjrw.jpg
> Aside of this: Spread the word ! The more people get to know about it, the
> more people will
> participate at the demos and the more likely it is that we achieve media
> echo with the demos.
> And finally a pledge: Plz participate at a stopTTIP demo in your country !
> Next Monday, so from the 19th of May til the 23th of May the 5th
> negotiation round
> of TTIP will take place !
> Need a solid argumentation against TTIP ? Here it is:
> http://stopttipprotest.wikia.com/wiki/Why_we_protest%3F
> There is a lot of other useful material available for stopTTIP demos like
> flyers, avatars, etc. - just take a look around the protest wiki for it:
> http://stopttipprotest.wikia.com/wiki/Stopttipprotest_Wiki
> Follow the event twitter account to stay tuned:
> https://twitter.com/stopTTIPprotest
> Greetings and good luck for the european elections,
> / aka Oliver
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