[pp.int.general] International demo day against TTIP & Co. (15.05.) - Situation in Europe

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Fri May 16 23:54:59 CEST 2014

Hi folks, :)

Considering all circumstances the international demo day didn't go out that bad; I've made an
overview picture, which sums everything up: http://abload.de/img/demo_day_against_ttip22ko7.jpg
pic tweet: https://twitter.com/stopTTIPprotest/status/467377174891483136

As you can see, where people decided to actually build on the prepared ground, they've achieved
something, which is considerable. The biggest press echo had the stopTTIP demo in Brussels – one example:

And I've learned a lot for how to do it better next time...
the smartest thing, which one can do, when one wants to start something like that:
Making a pledge at least 6 months before the time frame for the demo day starts,
where one invites all thinkable organizations to participate; the pledge should say something like
"YES, I promise to actively, independant, and coordinatedly back an international demo day
against X in summer 20XX, if 100 organisations promise the same."
And in detail in the pledge a rough frame should be scetched how all this can develop,
including already providing the aforementioned meta structure, and making clear that all
important milestones are going to be decided in group by a doodle (name, fix date, press release, etc.).

Well... you live and learn ^^ ...

/ aka Oliver

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Betreff: International demo day against TTIP & Co. (15.05.) - Situation in Europe

> Hi folks :) ,
> short: A lot happened, the topic is getting hotter and hotter, around
> 1.100 people across at least 5 european countries will demonstrate against
> TTIP & Co.
> Internationally it's kind a okay, what was build up; up to now it seems that
> in
> 1 day more than 1.100 people across at least 5 countries will go on the streets
> in order to demonstrate against TTIP & Co. :
> • probably our peak demo will be the demo in Brussels, Belgium; currently
> 607 people promised, that they will
> participate at the demo in Brussels; the demo in Brussels, which will start
> at 08:00 (UTC+02), will be livestreamed,
> and that under the following URL: http:///www.indignez-vous.be/index-StreamLiveBelgium.html
> When you look at the protestmap or relate statistics preview page and think
> "HEY ! Demo x is missing !", then add information of that demo
> x on the country wiki page of
> the related country: http://abload.de/img/screenshot-adding_demtbjrw.jpg
> Aside of this: Spread the word ! The more people get to know about it, the
> more people will
> participate at the demos and the more likely it is that we achieve media
> echo with the demos.
> And finally a pledge: Plz participate at a stopTTIP demo in your country
> !
> Next Monday, so from the 19th of May til the 23th of May the 5th negotiation
> round
> of TTIP will take place !
> Need a solid argumentation against TTIP ? Here it is:
> http://stopttipprotest.wikia.com/wiki/Why_we_protest%3F
> There is a lot of other useful material available for stopTTIP demos like
> flyers, avatars, etc. - just take a look around the protest wiki for it:
> http://stopttipprotest.wikia.com/wiki/Stopttipprotest_Wiki
> Follow the event twitter account to stay tuned:
> https://twitter.com/stopTTIPprotest
> Greetings and good luck for the european elections,
> / aka Oliver

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