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Chris Monteiro c.monteiro at pirateparty.org.uk
Mon May 26 17:47:25 CEST 2014

Calling Pirates on Wikipedia!

I'm sure everyone would agree Wikipedia's platform for sharing knowledge is
a highly Pirate compatible goal. I've encountered a few of my colleagues on
Wikipedia, but never encountered any Wikipedia based project to track and
improve articles within the sphere of Pirate Politics. Indeed, what is
Pirate Politics, aside form the various overlapping issues individual
parties campaign on?

Please take a look at wikipedia's policy on activism:
TL;DR - disclose that you have a pirate affiliation so you're not perceived
to be sneaking around

Things I would hope to run within the project:
* Improving and creating pages on notable Pirate Party officials and people
of interest
* Translating / translation requests of notable Pirate articles across
different languages
* Using country-specific Pirate articles (e.g. legal, technical) as temples
in other country-specific articles to share expertise across borders

I've not set up a Wiki project before, so I've created just a small project
page to get started:
Like with all wiki projects, the idea is that you
* Tag articles of interest
* Rate them in terms of importance and quality
* Get editing!

The inter country and translation work would need appropriate tags.

If interested people could add themselves to the member list, expand the
page or simply add comments to this email or the project talk page it'd be
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