[pp.int.general] codex and substance

Laboratorio Eudemonia eulab at sapo.pt
Wed Dec 9 19:53:10 CET 2015

On 09/12/2015 18:56, Enrique Herrera Noya wrote:
> You are referring to this codex?
> https://blog.pirates-without-borders.org/pirate-codex/

This is so generic and vague that theoretically could be flag for many politicians.

> but if we want to reduce a sentence or word, it is essentially
> freedom not for some, but for everyone. It is what makes us
> distinctly different from the liberal and / or neoliberal. If you
> want a free society, you can not have a weak state, freedom and state
> are not antonyms.

On the contrary I find these words very pregnant and pertinent. But we have to discuss on the term, on the meaning and on our duty (like citizens and/or pirates) to reinterpret the word "state". Because all the human, economic, political and social evolution has been blocked by the old concept of "state".

Who has the property of the state? Who owns the state? Even better: who owns the res publica, that is the concrete substance of the state?
Is it legitimate that the res publica, therefore the state, be still today owned by a minority, by a caste of public careerists, like in the old times of tyrannies?

Exactly these are the questions that are up to the citizens and pirates.

Before to question about a codex we should question ourselves about the substance of our contribute.


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