[pp.int.general] What's the minimal set of axioms for piratic ideology?

Maxime Rouquet maxime.rouquet at partipirate.org
Wed Dec 9 23:23:22 CET 2015

On 12/09/2015 07:17 PM, Cal. wrote:
> Assume I want to open a party with no voting whatsoever: what are the
> minimal axioms and rules do I need? 

I feel a bit of inspiration tonight so I thought I would reply to this post.

I propose to sum up in three principles :
1) Respecting Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in all circumstances
2) Making sure all citizens are fully educated and can access and share
all information and culture
3) Making sure the System is designed to benefit to Humanity, and all of it.

These principles imply a lot of things.
1 -> Respect of freedoms (of mind, of religion, of speech, of movement,
etc.) and rights (of privacy, of life, of integrity, etc.), and no
exception because of war, terrorism, urgency or whatever reason,
temporary or permanent.
2 -> I consider the freedom of accessing and/or sharing information and
culture is not enough. My sentence implies that this freedom is *used*
and that citizens are *all* well educated. Having data somewhere is not
enough : everybody should have knowledge of it.
3 -> This point implies that we should fight against a system that look
for big money and personal benefit and harms Humanity. Stuff like
patents on drugs, who end up with restricting access to medication to a
lot of people, are wrong and we want to change the way things work on
that. It also implies we should focus on problems such as global
polluting, with similar conclusion, and in general look for world peace,
the end of world hunger, universal access to drinkable water, etc.

I don't consider Democracy as a requirement for all of that, but I am
usually very skeptical of other decisional paradigms.



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