[pp.int.general] Yes, we need a state ... but widely participated

Laboratorio Eudemonia eulab at sapo.pt
Thu Dec 10 10:11:45 CET 2015

On 10/12/2015 06:33, Richard Stallman wrote:
> See stallman.org/articles/why-we-need-a-state.html.

Yes, we certainly need a state ... but widely participated, with a temporary mandate, not more owned by immovable careerists, not more owned by a caste.

This is the awareness we must gain. Much more important than a Pirate Decalogue is the difference, the evolution, the true value we are able to introduce in the system.

We all here know that only one little bug in a software can impede the correct operation of the system. Therefore it is not sufficient to say: we need a state.

We (at least everyone who wants make work the world) must first understand the GREAT BUG of our democracies: the hiring for life in public employments, in public powers.

We must first understand that the Executive Power and the Giudicial Power of our Countries are all in the hands of unchangeable people, of bureaucrats, of tyrants.

Only afterward we have understood this, why happened this and how change this, we have the right to exist politically.

Who is searching for a generic codex, for an ordinary decalogue, shows that has nothing to add to the human system and would do better to stay and watch.

In effect, reading this interesting, rich conversation among "pirates", it is possible understand that Kissinger was much more pirate of the "pirates" here present.

danilo dantonio

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