[pp.int.general] What's the minimal set of axioms for piratic ideology?

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Thu Dec 10 11:25:20 CET 2015

I'll gladly finish of states, once I'm finished crushing multinationals.

My wits tell me that trying it the other way around is way more perillous ;).

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> Which is pretty much why the state /is/ an antonym of freedom.
> Op 09/12/2015 om 19:14 schreef Antonio Garcia:
> > Yes, the Codex basically says informed and consenting freedom. 
> > Sadly for some... this includes to be free of the tyrany of an
> > ignorant and naieve, merely numerical majority that cares a fuck
> > about logic, ethic, laws, rules, and even plain intelligence. 
> > https://samedokan.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/when-pirates-do-prefer-cens
> orship/
> >
> >  Taking over the brand does not make you into pirates... it only
> > makes fools of those that consented it.
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