[pp.int.general] What's the minimal set of axioms for piratic ideology?

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> On Wed, Dec 09, 2015 at 07:57:21PM +0100, Thijs Markus wrote:
> > The state's monopoly on violence is a solid guarantee for moral
> Even anarchic societies tend to develop a separation of powers
> over time, so the ideas of Montesquieu can't be all wrong.

It all depends on the rationality level of the majority... be it enough, and you get enlightened democracy and at the long end true anarchy; be it not enough, and soon you get an idiocracy you can not get out democratically anymore.

The above... assuming some neutral starting point where chances of going one way or the other might be equally present, which sadly is not the case.

Past trying, and abusing, has stacked a lot of odds against obtaining a satisfying solution.

All of you, whether understanding what happened or not... have been witnesses of the mess the pirate movement has become.

> > decline. Since ancient Greece it has been known that democracies
> > invariably become kleptocracies, as has ours. As will your "pirate
> > logic" democracy.
> Unless we find a way to improve democracy.

You said it. As has also already become our Pirate Movement ;(.

We have two distinct situations at hand...

1) The optimal structure of a working democracy.

These are a set of rules and behavioural principles that could be set loose on a rational set of people... and stay true to their spirit over time amids that group of rational people.

It must be said that humanities past has been chaotic, with many people trying to understand their situation and doing whatever they could get away with to improve their chances of survival, with reason being a poor alternative to sheer strength as an option, and the individual try much easier to choose than the collective one, and then some collective ones not that universally collective.

Not an easy environment from which to reach the definition of such set of rules and behavioural principles. 

2) The present situation of mankind, where we not only do NOT have that set of rules and behavioural principles, but also not that many among them behave rationally.

Those that have built little empires see themselves facing one another... and they are trapped in their own logic of survival... they can not consent to someone others empire being bigger than theirs... for it becomes a menace.

Those that now long for a completely horizontal humanity... are not smart enough to understand it can't be theirs on short term and do stupid things to get an immediate semblance of horizontality. Look at the history of communism, or much closer by... the efforts of those calling themselves pirates to bypass rationality and organize nominal equality by decree.

While it certainly pleases a majority of less intelligent people among us... what they have been able, or rather not, to achieve with the knowledge they bundle... is rather unimpressive. 

If you think dumping a perfect set of rules on a fetid swamp is going to get you paradise automagically... you live on illusions.

> > Freedom is the ability to pick what you are bound to, if anything at
> > all. Freedom is the ability to make options rather than choose amongst
> > them. The state decides this for the entire collective, and often with
> Since the ethical actions of individuals have never scaled up to
> nations or humanity as a whole, and since we have created a market
> system dominated by money-driven automatons, legislation is the only
> means we have to make ethical choices for humankind.

Freedom is the ability to do as you wish, without any external considerations to cater for, nor coercitive force keeping you away from it.

You can take it the shortsighted way... and go on a killing spree because you are free...

... or you can think a little further and interiorize as your own free will that there is bound to be trouble if you want things that go towards somebody elses harm, and voluntarily abstain from doing anything that might be detrimental to somebody else without trying to talk it out and come to a mutually benefical agreement.

> > little influence of the populace (even as a collective), and hence is
> > invariably opposed to freedom.
> Unless we find a way to channel and implement the actual will
> of the population, whch isn't an easy task - but given there is
> no alternative, you can't deny us trying.

Of course it is not an easy task, when you are dumb. There can be but one general and actual will of the population... and it is the sum of the individual will of each one of its members... to live as long as possible and as good as possible.

What I have seen you trying is to seek equality through lobotomy. That only leads to an IDIOCRAZY™ where intelligent people have no other future than to look for the nearest window to jump into oblivion.

A place where development is aborted is worse than hell. 
> So improving democracy would be an essential axiom of pirate
> politics or, should it be true that there is little influence of the
> populace, there will be no success of any kind of pirate politics.

The influence of the populace is that everyone is working towards their better good, because intelligent people understand that the only way they are not going to come after you tu put your head in a guillotine is that they do not lack what they yearn for.

Pirates have to be intelligent. If they blend in with the populace... then decisions will not be intelligent. Like they aren't now the populace has blended with the pirates in way too many places.

> Or all invariably logical reasonings are simplifying reality too much.

Reasoning will NEVER simplify reality... only if you reason enough will you be able to understand the complexity though... and only a bad situation you UNDERSTAND you can find a way out of.

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