[pp.int.general] What's the minimal set of axioms for piratic ideology?

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> On Wed, Dec 09, 2015 at 09:11:58PM +0100, Thijs Markus wrote:
> > The point being, that if you fail to recognise that state and freedom
> > are opposing forces, the state usually wins. Ideologies that have not
> > recognised this were not judged too kindly by history.
> I don't believe in ideologies and the way you summarize things
> into three lines smells like ideology.

Yeah, the ideology you smell is probably liberal, though it could also be anarchist.

And he should say that, may it be that ideologies that did not recognise the antagonism between state and freedom were not judged too kindly by history... those that did are nowhere near paradise.

> If practical implementations of the state have frequently failed
> to guarantee freedom, isn't it more useful to ask yourself what went 
> wrong? (I know a few things, but I'm not sure you would like to hear).

Of course. It is always useful to ask oneself what went wrong in any given situation, and even how the sums of goods and wrongs have brought us to where we stand now.

You can bother to explore the global situation, or even have a serious peek at the perilous pirate one at https://samedokan.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/when-pirates-do-prefer-censorship/ 
It may be periferically interesting for you to know that the Italian lawyer who was a member of the Court of Arbitration of the PPI who received my complaint dared to send me a cease and desist letter because he was convinced of the fact that I was treacherously smearing his good name and credibility. Useless to say he never answered when I dared him to prove any of my stated assertions wrong.

Ask yourself what has been going wrong in the Pirate Community... where even the most obvious gets smashed if it does not please the MOB.
> And you didn't relate to any of the points I made.
> I like evidence-based thinking as suggested by some of the documents
> that got posted here, but the Pirate movement has rarely practiced 
> anything like that. We probably wouldn't be using mailing lists if we did.

Not since it was taken over by the few apparatchiks trying to ride the idiocratic wave that went over the movement when the German Pirate Party went viral due to their early victories in the most permissive electoral system of the European Union.

In fact... show me one single pirate party exempt of having trouble handling reason, not having been taken over by a simplistic 50%+1 majority mob.

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