[pp.int.general] What's the minimal set of axioms for piratic ideology?

michael john sinclair mickeyy_sinclair at yahoo.de
Thu Dec 10 16:17:36 CET 2015

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  On Wed, 9 Dec, 2015 at 23:37, Alessandro Ciofini<alessandro.ciofini at gmail.com> wrote:   2015-12-09 23:23 GMT+01:00 Maxime Rouquet <maxime.rouquet at partipirate.org>:
> I feel a bit of inspiration tonight so I thought I would reply to this post.
Thanks Maxime,

I feel me myself in the right mood too so I would like to investigate more:

> I propose to sum up in three principles :
> 1) Respecting Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in all circumstances

Cool. Who decide that Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms? Are they
given by inheritance? From ancients? From God?

> 2) Making sure all citizens are fully educated and can access and share
> all information and culture

Please provide me a measure of what you consider "fully educated".

> 3) Making sure the System is designed to benefit to Humanity, and all of it.

Please, if you can, provide me some tools like the previous question.

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