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     Thomas Gaul <thomas.gaul at piratenpartei.de> schrieb am 21:43 Montag, 14.Dezember 2015:


On the November 27th, 2015 the European Pirates have jointly agreed on a new
roadmap to the common election programme for the European Parliament
elections 2019. As part of this roadmap, a series of focused discussions
will be held. 

So this is the invitation to the first of such meetings, this time focused
on a topic "Refugees". 

Though we first went for December,18th, 2015, some little devil worked
against this specific date, so please excuse any inconvenience caused by us
in moving this further out. 

So we hereby invite you for the new date of 20.01.2016, 20.00 CET to discuss
the main topic "Refugees" on the NRW-Mumble. Please pass along this invite
to anyone who you think should participate in this process.

As we are the issue for the first time this year (not taken into account the
items collected on the 27th of November) is up to all of us to collect the
vital information for the topic and ask for specialist within your pirate
parties. It is important to know the current view on this matter from all
European Pirate Parties, as well as getting input from informed experts.

Any pre-shared information (especially the official view of your Party on
the topic of Refugees/Asylum/Migration) is welcome for the preparation of
the meeting. Please send in your information to cep at ppeu.net until the  17th
of January 2015 . Alternatively you can write directly into a pad:

We will than finalise the agenda and send it to you for your preparation.

On behalf of the team

Gregory Engels and Thomas Gaul
DE-Delegates to the PPEU-Council

Connection details for the NRW-Mumble:
Server: mumble.piratenpartei-nrw.de
Port: 64738 (standard)
User: Your Nickname
Passwort: not needed
Channel: /International/PPEU

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