[pp.int.general] Invitation PPI online General Assembly on 29.03.2015

Thomas Gaul thomas.gaul at pp-international.net
Sun Feb 22 10:23:21 CET 2015

Am 21.02.2015 um 23:06 schrieb Andrew Norton:

Deleted some deliberate misinterpretation. (It is always easy to do this
with elaborated text - good you have learnt it.)

> By the way, in case you forgot, the "task" of PPI was to support the
> national parties, and assist in international cooperation and
> communication. Nothing else. the whole 'NGO representing Pirates to the
> world', that happened when the bureaucrats took over, because how else
> are they going to earn a wikipedia page for themselves?

Wow! How shall a board do it: providing the infrastructure isn't enough?
Maybe be should all give a helping hand while typing or speaking.

So no conference, no actual political involvement. Fun!

Like trying to safe the world with statutes amendments, wild accusations
against the board (without proof) if asked for it., giving information
and while omitting important facts etc.



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