[pp.int.general] PPI General Assembly 2015 in Warsaw

Thomas Gaul thomas.gaul at pp-international.net
Sat Jun 27 22:00:30 CEST 2015

Dear Members of PPI,

as we all know that one week ahead from now we will have our General
Assembly 2015 in Warsaw.

A lot have happened in the meantime, like shifting the intended location
to and fro.

Now the final decision is finally final! :)

A big hug and cordial thanks to Radek Pietroń and his team for stepping
in at the very last minute! Also a "thank you" for his work als Chairman
of the Polish Pirate Party in the previous years, as he has handed his
scepter to Paulina Kolbusz the very last weekend.

And now back to the upcoming GA, the details are given at:


Be assured of an updated timetable to be provided within the next days.

By today we secured the streaming, so remote delegates have either video
or audio available.

One thing really disconcerting, not only for myself - we have a profound
lack of candidates for the board.

The exact number as of now: NIL

Consider to run as a candidate or ask your party channels for ambitious


I am pretty sure that within the next days the wiki-page provided will
be well-filled with candidates who acknowledge the ideas of us Pirates,
willing to promote our ideas as an NGO towards other organisations.

Don't forget, by being registered as an A.I.S.B.L in Belgium for more
than 2 1/2 years we are given the opportunity to address major INGO's
and bodies such as the official UN etc. Please do not forget there are
minimum requirements for any kind of participation to these kinds of

We all, combined as an international movement, and together with the NGO
named PPI (aka board, committees asf.) are on the edge of delivering our
messages. And not only WTO is an aim. There are more!

For the formal stuff each and every time handed in to any GA, we have
been given five Status Amendments. And by now there are eight Motions,
including counter motions.

You will find them attached to this mail as PDF. They are also available at




Remember, other motions can be submitted until the meeting.

We will keep you updated about the GA 2015 in Warsaw as things unfold!

See you there!

Best regards


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