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Antonio Garcia ningunotro at hotmail.com
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I am the one that... 

... did NOT ruin the 2012 PPI General Assembly for the German Pirate Party by engaging the situation with as much on-site brio as the Catalan Pirate Party, which, might it be necessary to refresh your mind... resorted to frontal blackmail of the Assembly to force a statutorily ILLEGAL motion.

The German Pirate Party might not have had those regional successes if that PPI GA had ended in the open fight naive children might have staged. Two of those elections were one and two months after that PPI GA.

... did not make a scandal and followed proper procedures when a childish Court of Arbitration of PPI gifted Spain with a second Gibraltar without it having any opportunity to make its cause, naively interpreting the word "country" as it desired instead of following long established international precedents.

... same thing when in the same sentence, the same childish court REWROTE an article of the statutes to give the PPI GA more direct power than it really had, to make acceptable that it could make a full member of a flying cat if it so wished... despite the fact that it could not even waive the deadline of legit candidates, which the Catalan Pirate Party was NOT.

... had to see the COA resign on your machinations, so they needed not sentence on my apeal denouncing a BREACH of STATUTES of PPI.

... had to see YOU, organizing the 2013 PPI GA in Kazan, with everybody proxied through your russian friends, and the microphone hijacked by two of your German friends in the remote office in Brussels, so the issue could NOT be tabled at that General Assembly of the PPI as it should have been, being pending matter of the Court of Arbitration.

... had to see the newly chosen Court of Arbitration adopt new rules of procedure... getting rid of the clause through which anonymous individuals could seize the Court in matters regarding infractions to the statutes of PPI, AND apply these new rules RETROACTIVELY... to ditch my pending complaint.

Though the spokesperson/president of that Court of Arbitration admitted that to retroactively apply that change would be way beyond what was possible... he has not moved a finger since he could verify that it had happened anyway.

I am the one that lives by the Pirate Codex.

Let me remind it to you:

	    		Pirate Codex
	    Pirates are free
Pirates are freedom-loving, independent, autonomous, and  disapprove 
of blind obedience. They stand for informational self-determination and 
freedom of opinion. Pirates bear the responsibility entailed by freedom.

Pirates respect privacy
Pirates protect privacy. They fight against the increasing 
surveillance mania of state and economy because it prohibits the  free 
development of the individual. A free and democratic society is 
impossible without private and unobserved free space.

Pirates are critical
Pirates are creative, curious, and do not acquiesce in the status 
quo. They challenge systems, search for weak spots and find ways to 
correct them. Pirates learn from their mistakes.

Pirates are fair-minded
They keep their word. Solidarity is important when it comes to 
collective aims. Pirates counteract the blind-eye-mentality of society 
and take action when moral courage is necessary.

Pirates respect life
Pirates are peaceful. Therefore they reject the death penalty and the
 destruction of our environment. Pirates stand for the sustainability of
 nature and its resources. We do not accept patents on life.

Pirates are eager for knowledge
The access to information, education, knowledge and scientific 
findings has to be unlimited. Pirates support free culture and free 

Pirates are social

Pirates respect human dignity. They commit themselves to a society 
united in solidarity where the strong defend the weak. Pirates stand for
 a political culture of objectivity and fairness.
Pirates are international
Pirates are part of a global movement. They take advantage of the 
opportunities offered by the internet and are therefore enabled to think
 and act without borders.

I am man enough to act on MY BEHALF.

Who are you? Certainly NOT a Pirate.


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Subject: Re: [pp.int.general] PPI General Assembly 2015 in Warsaw

Of cause the proposals of PPDE are backed by the team of international relations, the PPDE board and have the full democratic legitimacy. 
Who are you, and on whose behalf are you trolling around for years spreading doubt and false accusations?

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On 28.06.2015, at 10:45, Antonio Garcia <ningunotro at hotmail.com> wrote:

Silly you, you KNOW you killed the PPI ;).

Are the PPDE proposals really from PPDE, and backed by their Board, or just the illusion of the independent country of their "International Coordinators"?

Is anything on display worth paying a trip to God knows which location in Poland for?

Have a good trip into... oblivion ;).
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