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Antonio Garcia ningunotro at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 28 18:39:55 CEST 2015

Dear Gregory,
I ceased to be a member of the board of the Pirate Party of Spain only 8 days ago, and I was an official delegate of the same party at the PPI GA in Prague in 2012, where, as far as I am concerned, everything started when the Assembly was blackmailed and accepted to a vote on the full membership of Pirates de Catalunya that was statutorily impossible.
You are the one who started stalinising the pirate parties... just after Peiruza stated that I would not be heard because I represented nobody... and those that did not represent could not speak. Still... the issue was pending matter of the Court of Arbitration and did not need me to introduce it... if only pirates would have remained true to their ideals instead of becoming naieve kids in the hands of a few crooks like you.
I can imagine this exact pet peeve of mine is of no interest to you, considering all things beyond duty you engaged in to silence everything. You need to keep being the chief to keep your pirate head on your pirate shoulders.
I have never needed an appointment to any official body to defend what I have been able to observe and believe in. Your intrigues to remain at the head of PPI are more than known, without a function to cover behind... you are nothing.
Please, spare me your reality, unless you want to defend yourself in face of a competent Court of Arbitration, where you and your actions really belong... if pirates had any spine.
I won't keep you from airing your version though, it has not been heard anywhere, if I am not mistaken.
Things you do not diligently deal with will keep haunting you and the pirate movement permanently... and resurface at the worst possible moments. Like now, one month before the next General Assembly.
You pick the moment that suits you best. I can use the bad example every time I need one in public... as long as it exists.
It would be sad if it was still open matter when media switched from ignoring you to paying excessive attention to anything that can make you fail.

How right of you to suppose I am disconnected from realityn :).

From: Gregory.Engels at piratenpartei-hessen.de
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 16:09:35 +0200
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Subject: Re: [pp.int.general] PPI General Assembly 2015 in Warsaw

So, Antonio, you are NOT representing anyone, and must be trolling for years now on your own behalf. Please get a life, this pet peeve of yours is of interest to nobody. Besides, you are so bitterly immersed in your grave tragedy of "having lost  Cataluniya" that your memories are made up and disconnected from reality. I will correct you one last time:

Gregory Engels.
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On 28.06.2015, at 14:01, Antonio Garcia <ningunotro at hotmail.com> wrote:

I am the one that... 

... did NOT ruin the 2012 PPI General Assembly for the German Pirate Party by engaging the situation with as much on-site brio as the Catalan Pirate Party, which, might it be necessary to refresh your mind... resorted to frontal blackmail of the Assembly to force a statutorily ILLEGAL motion.

No, that was your friends from PP-AU, namely Brandan Molloy, who insisted to table the motion on PP-CAT while there was actually not really much time left, and other topics where left over. Surprisingly to all, you have actually supported this move.

The German Pirate Party might not have had those regional successes if that PPI GA had ended in the open fight naive children might have staged. Two of those elections were one and two months after that PPI GA.

This issue (Catalonia) was of no interest to no one, but the involved parties. You chose to vote in favor of supporting Catalonia's "independence" which coursed the parties who would vote against such a move, supporting PP-ES, to actually abstain from objections, as was for sure the case within the German delegation. 

... did not make a scandal and followed proper procedures when a childish Court of Arbitration of PPI gifted Spain with a second Gibraltar without it having any opportunity to make its cause, naively interpreting the word "country" as it desired instead of following long established international precedents.

Actually, you have did made a scandal, and you are still riding it.

... same thing when in the same sentence, the same childish court REWROTE an article of the statutes to give the PPI GA more direct power than it really had, to make acceptable that it could make a full member of a flying cat if it so wished... despite the fact that it could not even waive the deadline of legit candidates, which the Catalan Pirate Party was NOT.

So you are the one, who are against democratic decisions, and the one who is defending bad written legislation should never be changed? Why?

... had to see the COA resign on your machinations, so they needed not sentence on my apeal denouncing a BREACH of STATUTES of PPI.

I had never any interactions with any member of the court or the CoA as a whole. You are blaming the court, while the only one to blame is you, because you have acted against the interests of your Party, and to my knowledge you have been sacked for this.

... had to see YOU, organizing the 2013 PPI GA in Kazan, with everybody proxied through your russian friends, and the microphone hijacked by two of your German friends in the remote office in Brussels, so the issue could NOT be tabled at that General Assembly of the PPI as it should have been, being pending matter of the Court of Arbitration.

The Brussels office was not official gathering place. It was organized by you and others, in an attempt to hurt me personally, as soon as I announced that I have made financial security payments toward the GA venue, then you and others tried to agitate people to travel to Brussels instead of Kazan, so that I personally would face a financial loss of over 5000 Euros. Fortunately this plan failed, but very close. 

... had to see the newly chosen Court of Arbitration adopt new rules of procedure... getting rid of the clause through which anonymous individuals could seize the Court in matters regarding infractions to the statutes of PPI, AND apply these new rules RETROACTIVELY... to ditch my pending complaint.

Maybe because ther is no point in your complaint? And maybe because people do not like trolls? 

Though the spokesperson/president of that Court of Arbitration admitted that to retroactively apply that change would be way beyond what was possible... he has not moved a finger since he could verify that it had happened anyway.

Get a life.

I am the one that lives by the Pirate Codex.

No, you are not. You a a bitter small looser, that has made a mistake and now trying to complain to everybody, that it was everyone else but yours mistake. You have twittered your absurd e accusations to everybody who was tweeting positive about the PPUK election campaign, causing confusion among its supporters - this clearly with the intention of damaging the PPUK.

Let me remind it to you:

No need to remind me, I was among the pirate codex original authors.

I am man enough to act on MY BEHALF.

You have NO behalf with the pirates - go away and never come back.

Who are you? Certainly NOT a Pirate.

Ad nominee is all you have. 


From: Gregory.Engels at piratenpartei-hessen.de
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 13:28:13 +0200
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Subject: Re: [pp.int.general] PPI General Assembly 2015 in Warsaw

Of cause the proposals of PPDE are backed by the team of international relations, the PPDE board and have the full democratic legitimacy. 
Who are you, and on whose behalf are you trolling around for years spreading doubt and false accusations?

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On 28.06.2015, at 10:45, Antonio Garcia <ningunotro at hotmail.com> wrote:

Silly you, you KNOW you killed the PPI ;).

Are the PPDE proposals really from PPDE, and backed by their Board, or just the illusion of the independent country of their "International Coordinators"?

Is anything on display worth paying a trip to God knows which location in Poland for?

Have a good trip into... oblivion ;).
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