[pp.int.general] PPI General Assembly 2015 in Warsaw

Antonio Garcia ningunotro at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 29 09:55:03 CEST 2015

Yes, of course I could be a Government Agent ;). Everybody could be a G. A.

Yet those who matter know I have been squatting around Brussels since I arrived back in Belgium in may 2014. My belongings have been graciously stocked at the offices of the Swedish pirates even before they were opened to the public, and I lost most of them when Julia Reda took over because... well, it's no secret German pirates have no reason to like me that much ;(.

You could come over to Brussels and interview the people in charge of Metro Station Botanique, surely they would tell you where I have spent almost all nights this winter and up till now. A little too real a burden only to build up a cover for such an insignificant assignment as following up on the childish behavior of a few wannabe politicians, don't you think?

Guess what... those agents, which undoubtedly exist... usually have a proper budget to do their job. I would rather look among those that seemingly have the capacity of being anywhere, anytime.

But it's fine to know I made you think, and write a little. Good try ;).


Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 20:53:22 +0000
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Dear Antonio Garcia,                                     At the begining of your text your English is not perfect. As you get emotional your writing gets better and better as if you would be writing in your mother language, I do not want to make any accusations to early but could you actually be an Govermat Agent working against the Pirate Movement?
Yours SincerlyMichael John Sinclairglobalpirates.org 		 	   		  
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