[pp.int.general] Recent events involving PPI

Christopher Clay hello at c3o.org
Fri Mar 6 15:13:59 CET 2015

Need to get some final words out as I unsubscribe:

Spending time and attention on these petty "issues" that nobody in the
real world cares about one bit and that won't change it in any way is
a tragic waste of your life.

Organizations that create more problems than they solve and mailing
lists that consist of more conflict than ideas/projects/motivation are
drains on your preciously limited time and energy. Given the vast
amount of problems in the world, are you sure spending your time on
these particular ones was a conscious decision?

I appeal to you to redirect your efforts to something productive. Let
go, leave, unsubscribe, ignore these time sinks. Reject any structures
that don't primarily enable doing real work with people you like on
issues you care about.

You're invited to join our next Copywrongs campaign mumble on
Wednesday March 11 20:00 CET on mumble.young-pirates.eu in "Talk room
#1" – where we're mobilizing in support of EU copyright reform.


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