[pp.int.general] Questions to PPI Board from PPNL.

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I'm just a normal basic pirate party member in Germany, I'm not a board member. The implications
of these questions look pretty obscure to me:

1. The PPDE promotes evidence based medicine and correspondingly
rather rejects homeopathy and such stuff, for which effect there is
no evidence.
2. Health politics is something, that we have, but which definitively doesn't belong to our
core topics.

So, just with these both points said, the implications of your questions look to me like
one, single individual in the process made personal agenda setting, which is not in
consent with the pirate party Germany and would cause great internal argument once
publicly presented; for instance in a big mumble round "oh, btw, people, in the name of
you all I've made a stand for non-evidence based medicine on international level; core topics FTW" >>> shit storm certain in 3, 2, 1...

I think it's important, that direct board members of the PPDE will have a look at this...
have you really contacted the board with your questions ? So, vorstand at piratenpartei.de ?

Torben Lechner

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Datum: 17.03.2015 21:14:27
An: board at pp-international.net
Betreff: [pp.int.general] Questions to PPI Board from PPNL.

> Prior to the upcoming online GA the Dutch Pirate Party has several
> questions it would like answered.
> Most of these can be answered succinctly in yes / no or a link to the
> relevant pages, and it would be much preferred if they were answered
> thus.
> 1) We would like to know how PP-DE's international co-ordinator annex
> board member procured the motion to alternative medicine. Though
> partially answered in the recent piratetimes article, we would like
> these answered for clarity.
> 1.1) If this motion is part of PPDE's program and is explicitly
> supported by PPDE (or an individual idea of PPDE international
> coordinator.)
> 1.2) And if so, where we can find this in the program, and the
> proceedings by which this position on alternative medicine was reached.
> 1.3) If not, why this motion is on the international agenda.
> 1.4) Lastly, why PPDE thinks such a subject should be internationally
> upheld by pirate parties, as pirate parties can advocate information
> politics perfectly well without, or even on a contradictory stance to
> alternative medicine.
> 1.5) Bluntly put: Why does PPDE feel that with all the recent commotion
> regarding its board members, that this policy subject has enough
> priority that is must be taken care of on this online GA, while at the
> same time there seems no time for discussing structural problems in ppi.
> 2) We have seen several board members bringing in complaints and grounds
> for removal against one another. We would like clarified:
> 2.1) Which board members have been thus indicted.
> 2.2) And where the formal complaints are to be found.
> 2.3) As well as any ruling by the CoA on these matters.
> 3) The board has refused to accept PPAU's departure of PPI pending a
> formal letter which PPAU has no intention of sending on grounds of
> principle. Clarification is requested on:
> 3.1) If indeed this is the sole ground for refusing to acknowledge their
> departure.
> 3.2) If not, what other grounds exist to contest this fait accompli.
> 3.3) What is accomplished by refusing their departure on this ground?
> 3.4) How the board sees this impasse resolved.
> 3.5) Most importantly, why is the format/style of the resignation the
> primary concern instead of the fact ppau wants to leave?
> 4) We note that the Australian proposal for an online assembly have been
> ignored in favour of a mumble meeting type of proceeding.
> 4.1) On what grounds were these RoP preferred?
> 5) It has come to our attention that the new bank account of PPI is
> actually PP-LU's. We would like to have clarified:
> 5.1) If indeed this new account is on the name of PPLU.
> 5.2) And if it is PPI or PPLU who ultimately holds the keys.
> 5.3) If the previous PPI account is salvaged, or lost.
> 5.4) If PPI has a bank account on it's own name.
> P.S. German board added in bcc with regards to question 1.
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