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  Priebke / Snowden: the two protocols

While the whole world thanks the intellectuals, rewarding them during their life and beyond, this same world lives the drama of a cultural evolution that has been for long time blocked by those very same graduate minds put in charge to make advance it. This is the classic fate of an art, a knowledge, a science left into the hands of who belongs to a caste: a stagnation firmly anchored to the last cultural revolution, accomplished, of course, by people who had no connection to those closed environments. The fact is that today, with so many means of communication, with an artificial intelligence that already takes possession of cars, refrigerators and televisions, the human intelligence languishes till the point of not realizing that a POLITIC SEPARATED from the CITIZENS by the BLACK CIRCLE of the LIFELONG HIRED in the PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT can not produce NOTHING really GOOD.

The things go exactly in this way:

- by having the Public Apparatus granted to lifelong hired
   or to precarious aspiring to become such (or to private operators),
   the governments/parliaments do methodically their WORSE;

- by having the Public Apparatus granted to citizens
   alternating on equal basis, the governments/parliaments
   undertake instead to do their BEST.

The explanation is intuitive. The eye of the owner (the people) not only fattens the horse but also the Res Publica. But if we classify the things in two different and typical categories of behavior, these same things are further clarified with facts in front the eyes of everyone. Let's see how we can act:


you tell me what I must do and I do it, UNCRITICALLY,
to safeguard my interest: the FIXED JOB and the CAREER.


you tell me what should I do ... but I don't care of the permanent job
and the career and, if something is wrong, I turn immediately to the PEOPLE!

In fact it is extremely easy to COMMAND by having around many small priebke, individuals clinging to their permanent jobs as mussels to the reef, by relying on false-public but truly tyrannical organizations which exclude the citizens. The hard part is to GOVERN surrounded by caring and attentive snowden, by people not only willing but even eager to return ordinary citizens at the expiration of a temporary mandate. It is the same difference between to go DOWN or UP. Between the slipping and the ascending. Between the progress and the regress.

What an infantile claim to change the politic without changing the public careerists, lifelong holders of the EXECUTIVE and JUDICIAL POWER!

Only a humanity deviated from the correct path, massively inculcated by them from an early age, could get to unreason in this way.

It is clear that, by deciding to democratize the Public Apparatus, the present politicians, having no longer available uncritical careerists, will quickly stand aside because quite unable to govern without to command. The current rulers will not be able to conceive ideas good enough to avoid the disapproval of the snowden. Accustomed to the easy life allowed them by the priebke, they must scram racing. Opening wide the doors of the power to a new wave of leaders we not even thought could exist.

Will emerge personalities who, voluntarily emarginated to not be involved in the sack of the Res Publica, will be recognized immediately as cornerstones not only of that virtue, honesty, so precious but quite useless by itself, but the entire complex of soul powers need to make a healthy and flourishing society.

Let us reassume it.

Always in the Public Apparatus, with the lifelong assumption in the Public Employment or the promise of getting it or with mercenaries, has been followed the archaic institutionalization of the PRIEBKE PROTOCOL. Let us institutionalize the SNOWDEN PROTOCOL through rigorously TEMPORARY hirings in every public job: permanent position and career will not affect any more the good course of the events. By having around people no longer misled by self-interest, the politics will fundamentally change.

The process of democratization of the institutions then resume immediately its journey. The TEMPORARY MANDATE be extended from the Parliament to the entire Public Apparatus. The democratic temporariness finally embrace not only the LEGISLATIVE power but also the EXECUTIVE and JUDICIARY ones. Every public charged be PERIODICALLY DISMISSED.

Whether elected or hired.

Danilo D'Antonio
++39 339 5014947

Harmonic Social Rotation

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