[pp.int.general] Final vote on net neutrality (Oct 27/28), Call your MEPs now!

hyazinthe at emailn.de hyazinthe at emailn.de
Sun Oct 18 15:24:58 CEST 2015

1 further reason to call Members of the European Parliament as said:
Our pirate MEP Senficon aka Julia Reda will have submitted an amendment until wednesday, in order to restore the original position of the Parliament (Pro net neutrality) - https://twitter.com/pirate_slash/status/655692767792930816 . It's likely, that this will be the only amendment to the plenary voting on net neutrality. This means: When we make the European Parliament adopt said amendment by a lot of telephone calls, then THE PIRATES have saved net neutrality & this is how it will go through the media landscape in the EU!
So: Call european parlamentarians and say something like ~"Please in any case make a stand FOR net neutrality on 27th of October; this means: If Martin Schulz allows amendments to the telcom-package, which regulates net neutrality & roaming, then vote for the amendment of Julia Reda, and if Martin Schulz doesn't allow amendments to the telecom-package, then vote against the telecom-package."



Call your MEPs FOR FREE, and ask them to vote FOR net neutrality in the plenary vote regarding the telecom-package on 27th of October - and by this against a 2 class internet with structural surveillance features (Deep packet inspection).

Link for calling FOR FREE: https://piphone.lqdn.fr/campaign/call2/NetNeutrality_2015_2

But you don't have a clue regarding this topic? No problem - 4 minute explanation video: https://youtu.be/g6fXpo8uQtA

This is the most important battle regarding net politics in the EU this year; if we as net community/civil society fail due to lack of committment, then we're fucked.

Spread this information here also internally in the pirate party you work the most: So, it's mailinglists, message boards, news letters, member data bases, etc.

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