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  Origin and end of militarism

Every day, everywhere in the world, many people are engaged in the fight against militarism. Generations of pacifists have fought militarism. The result? Wars are always born fat and when they went off this occurred more for the resource depletion of the contenders than for having listened to the protests of the demonstrators.

Nude and crude fact is that desire and will are not enough. They must be accompanied by hand by three skills: observation of reality, analysis of these observations, synthesis of a fair, logical and feasible change that can lead us into the new cultural, political and social environment in which we want to live.

The peace activists never put in relation the fought MILITARISM with the MILITARY CAREERISM that from feudalism, from empires and monarchies to our days, not only has kept itself in good shape but, during various historical periods, even grew extending enough to become only a part of a great PUBLIC CAREERISM lone cause of a lack of democratization of the State. That today is still having two of its three powers as they were in the times of declared tyrannies.

It is not the vote to make democracy! It's the temporary mandate in any public role (both assigned with elections or assumptions, both in decision-making or job) to open the doors of the Res Publica to a regenerating FLOW of CITIZENS (competent, experienced and prepared) able to wipe out every stagnation, stasis, tyranny.

Life is wonderful, heals immediately if, by an act of humility, we recognize our mistakes promising not to incur more in them. It's urgent to recognize that only the legislative power was made democratic through the temporary assignment while the executive and judiciary power (that the same rulers fear more than anything else) never have become such and still, with great shame of those who stuck inside for life and those who would instal themselves there, have all the connotations of tyranny.

Such an act of humility however can not come from those who placed themselves for decades in front of the masses to block the realization that a government can be well composed (and so can well legislate) only if surrounded by caring and attentive CITIZENS like SNOWDEN rather than uncritical and loyalist CAREERISTS like PRIEBKE.

Democracy, the participation given by the temporary mandate, will transform every State in the world only if the citizens themselves, recognizing to have followed, heads down, with eyes shut and brain off, more than one generation of leaders who always directed them against something and never to build a new society, will decide to open, those eyes, and to turn on, that brain. Then they will see for themselves, without ignorant leaders in conflict of interest, the way forward.

Let's lay off the public careerists, let's introduce the temporary mandate in the public employment, let's make open and participated the State: we will not have any more to complain about. We have only one obstacle, large but perfectly removable because it concerns ourselves: only our inertia, only the force of habit prevents us the success. And then? Perhaps are we weaker than we thought? OUR RES PUBLICA IS THERE AWAITING US! It is enough we claim it back and it will return to us. The Res Publica belongs to everyone, it can not be a property of the careerists private of access to others. Executive and judicial powers be democrat: assigned with temporary mandate!

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