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Dear Pirates,

I'm not a pirate any more (instead working for Tom, whose mail i'm
but this is a pirate topic, so i thought it's be a good idea to spread
the word:

We need any help we can get to fight for european net neutrality - in
If you have any contacts in sweden, please forward this to them.


Andreas Czák / Sonstwer

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Subject: 	Sweden upcoming decision on net neutrality
Date: 	Thu, 10 Nov 2016 18:45:05 +0100
From: 	Thomas Lohninger <thomas.lohninger at akvorrat.at>
To: 	Jon Karlung <jon.karlung at bahnhof.net>, BJARNEMALM Mattias
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Dear Jon,
Hello Mab,  

Swedish NRA PTS will soon make a pioneering decision about net
neutrality in Europe. I recently spoke with someone from PTS and he
confirmed that the agency will decide this year about three zero-rating
cases. [1]

Those three cases include two instances of music streaming zero-rating
with the operators Telia and Tre and one zero-rating case in which the
incumbent Telia is zero-rating a selected list of social media
applications including Facebook. The later case has prompted the biggest
Swedish media houses the write this open letter to PTS in which they
criticise the zero-rating deal with Facebook as an attack on net
neutrality. The letter was signed by the CEOs and Editor-in-chiefs of
the 27 biggest television stations, radios and newspapers in Sweden. [2]

The decision of PTS will have great repercussions for the whole EU.
Sweden would be the first country to put the new EU rules on zero-rating
into practice. If PTS decides to leave the zero-rating deal intact
although it involves the biggest incumbent ISP Telia and the biggest
social network Facebook, it is hard to argue how any other form of
zero-rating can be prohibited in the EU. 

PTS was the most adversary and anti-netneutrality telecom regulator
during the final phase of the negotiations, see our report here [3]. The
decision is expected to happen at the end of this year. 

Please help to mobilise the public in Sweden about this case. Help me
get in touch with the journalists responsible for the open letter and
speak out against a possible anti-net neutrality decision by PTS.


0% Telia offers: 

0% Tre offer: 

EN: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=4042&artikel=6424288

[3] https://netzpolitik.org/2016/sweden-the-weakest-link-in-eu-net-neutrality-reform/

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