[pp.int.general] Merkel: Corrupt or just incompetent?

carlo von lynX lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org
Thu Jun 8 13:55:39 CEST 2017

Wait.. you could have thought of any politician with
such a headline.. but not of Angela Merkel? See, that
is her greatest achievement! All the things happening
under the hood of the German government appear as if
they had nooothing to do with the chancellor. So what's
the news? This here:


If you think there is little corruption in Germany, well…
maybe it's less frequent, but in exchange it's worth billions
of €, all in one go. While in Italy even a 50.000€ affair
would make the news, this one is drowned in other news as
a minor thing barely worth mentioning…

So this time taxpayer billions are going to the nuclear 
industry… Have the legislators been honestly incompetent? 
How can we find out? Does it even matter to know if the 
government is incompetent or plain corrupt?
It isn't even the first time happening:


I'm double angry because I think production taxes are really
important for future wealth distribution and environmental 
protection (think of Sugar Tax discussed in other countries),
and now I am told the German constitution needs to be amended
to allow for such essentially important taxes. So, should any
truly innovational political movement get to government in 
Germany, it first needs to fix the constitution to even get
started achieving anything.

Welcome to redistribution, CDU style.

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