[pp.se.syd.media] MooTooM Digital Printers From China

Sola Guo service2 at mx1.sztrade.xyz
Thu Aug 20 17:52:51 CEST 2015

Dear Madam/Sirs

I am CEO of Shenzhen MooTooM Engineering Co LTD.

My profile as below:
Name: MR Sola Guo
Company: Shenzhen MooTooM Engineering Co LTD 
Products Range: Inkjet Printers,  3D printers, Printing materials
mobile(whatsapp): +8615920205050 
Company Location: Shenzhen China

I am writting to inform you that I am going to visit Europe for VISCOM Paris and Reklama 360 in Poland.

My plan:
Visiting date: Sep,25 to Oct 7
Countries to visit: France, Poland, Switzland, Belgium, Germany,Hungary,Netheralnds, Czech, Croatia
Main stay cities: VISCOM Paris2015  and Reklama 360 Poopland
Who I want to visit: anybody any company who is in such business: signage, advertising, Printing and 3D   printing

Please reply with your company address and contact number, lets see if it is possible for a meeting in your company during my visit.

with all my best
Sola Guo ( MR.)

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