[pp.se.syd.media] OEM Yaw and Pitch/Blade bearing MFG for Wind Turbine.

Bill qcjeowvtmns at cjfrgw.net
Sun Oct 25 06:35:22 CET 2015

Dear friends:

OEM Yaw and Pitch/Blade slewing bearing manufacturer.

Main products:
Yaw slewing bearing for wind turbine machine from 750kW -3.0 MW.
Pitch/Blade Slewing Bearing for 1.5MW, 2.0MW, 2.5MW, 3.0MW of Wind Turbine Machine.

45 days for Lots Production 
Price guarantee 
From 1000 mm (40 inches) to 5000 mm (196 inches)
ISO 9001 certified

Main Customer:
Goldwind, Sinovel China.
If you have any request, please contact me without hesitation.

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