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Det här låter väl intressant som evenemang kanske?

Om vi kör en gång i veckan i Malmö kanske vi kan skapa en bredare bas
än bara i Lund också. Att fundera på till senare och så?


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Hi pirates,

there is a new campaign in germany, which uses the form of a weekly
solemn vigil in many cities at the same time.
It originates at the Piratenpartei of Hesse (one of the countries in
germany) and everyone can be part of it.
At the core of it, there is a 15 minute's silence at a central place of
every participating city.
Pictures of Frankfurt here:
Around this, there is an information booth an possibly one or two short
talks in order to explain the performance to the people.
Currently it happens every tuesday around 8.00 pm.

So, if you like to join this campaign an need more info (especially in
english), dont hesitate to contact me or the contact persons on the
mentioned websites.


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