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Subject: FW: Your internet blocking article
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I’m sure you guys are better at communicating with Swedish media than I am L



From: Joe McNamee [mailto:joe at mcnamee.eu]
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Subject: Your internet blocking article

Dear Mr Olsson,

The statement made by Mr Lagerloef in your article that the 50,000
figure (http://www.svd.se/nyheter/inrikes/malmstrom-vill-blockera-barnporrsajter_4479111.svd)
is a ‘good indication’ is simply untrue. As well as the web bots and
other automatic devices that cause the page to be downloaded, it
should be obvious that a steady 50,000 per day every day of every week
of every year for years either suggests an automated process – it is
hardly the same 50,000 Swedes who do not spend five minutes learning
about how to avoid the technically very limited blocking system.

It is also worth noting that the Swedish figure is almost double, per
capita, the Norwegian figure (15,000 per day). Is this due to the
“fact” that there are twice as many paedophiles in Sweden or perhaps
it is due to the statistics being entirely unreliable?

By the way, I find it strange that your article (based on the Google
translation that I read) says that Commissioner Reding wrote a letter
to Commissioner Malmstroem opposing the blocking proposal AND that all
Commissioners supported it.

Finally, with regard to the “voluntary” system in Sweden, I draw your
attention to the European Commission’s own “impact assessment” on this
issue which states – “Such measures must indeed be subject to law, or
they are illegal”. The Swedish system, being “voluntary” does not
appear to be subject to law and, according to the Commission is
therefore illegal.

I would be happy to provide input on any further work you may do on this issue.

With best regards,

Joe McNamee

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