[PP.Skane] Maicass furniture services durning holidays

Sarah acibdmouq at ent.info
Sat Feb 4 11:56:38 CET 2017

Dear Partner,

Do you have worries if nobody give you quote on your furnitures or projects during holidays?
Where you should go if most factories are closed but you need furnitures urgently?

Maicass Furniture is commitment to unique and special furniture manufacturing in China,we have full products line in different styles including vintage,industrial and modern.We offer following services even during holidays:
*reply your email in 15 minutes
*make quotation and give quote on our products you selected in 1 hour
*give quote on your own designs in 2 hours
*give quote on regular projects in 12 hours
*give quote on special or big projects in 24 hours

We will be fully assist you during holidays if any other factories cannot offer helps,you are easy to find us by searching “Maicass Furniture” on Google and Alibaba,at the meanwhile are you interested to get our catalog and price list in advance?

Best regards,

Sarah Liu
Sales Representative
Maicass Furniture

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