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Thu Sep 11 20:18:14 CEST 2008

If anyone still wants to come to the ESF from either of the countries
mentioned below, this is your chance.


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From: Joel Borgstrom <joel.borgstrom at esf2008.org>
Date: 2008/9/10
Subject: [fse-esf] Cheap bus places available to ESF in Malmo!
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Dear all,

a bus that will leave from Sarajevo, Bosnia on tuesday morning next
week (16/9) in order to arrive in Malmo by Wednesday afternoon has
free places that needs to be filled!

The bus will carry people from all over former Yugoslavia to ESF 2008
and back. The last few weeks some passengers have been forced to
cancel their trips because of visa-problems, lack of funding and other

So suddenly we have around 20 free places in a bus that is already
rented and will drive to Malmo for sure with 40 passengers.

So if anyone has contacts in Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Germany
or other countries along the way that are interested in going to ESF
with other active persons this is your chance!

The bus will cost around 60 Euro return ticket and drive back on Sunday 21/9.

Send us an email if you are interested!


/joel borgstrom

joel.borgstrom at esf2008.org, +46 733-507671

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