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New #DisinfoReview from the EU East StratCom Task Force

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26 January 2017

And you are a Nazi, too!
The pro-Kremlin outlets enjoy accusing others of being Nazi. Most
frequently, this insult targets
the Ukrainians and the people in the three Baltic states
But practically anything and anyone opposing the Kremlin's interests can be
"Nazi", e.g. the anti-Soviet uprising in Hungary in 1956
Most recently, the new Foreign Minister of Canada was accused of being the
daughter of a Nazi collaborator in pro-Kremlin outlets http://bit.ly/2jILWu6
Mrs Freeland is, incidentally, a prominent critic of Russia

Apart from Canada, the UK and Germany were also featured in disinformation
oriented outlets. The UK secret service was accused of "destroying American
democracy, moral codes and reputation" on prime time Russian state TV

As for Germany, the target was clearly Angela Merkel once again. Breitbart
misrepresented http://bit.ly/2j5PXXI
the polls ahead of the German election, stating that the Chancellor's party
was declining while the anti-immigration party has almost doubled its
percentage in the polls compared to reality http://bit.ly/2jpnX24

Also, there were reports that the German Ambassador to Ukraine had sent a
letter to President Poroshenko, pressuring him to hand over Donbass to
Russia http://bit.ly/2jQ82gq
Those reports were as fake as the letter http://bit.ly/2kjwDHr

History under revision
During the last week, we have seen some creative attempts to adjust history
in pro-Kremlin media. For example, it was claimed that President Putin
never waged a war on Chechnya and Chechens, but was in fact fighting
Western-funded international terrorists and freeing Chechen people from
their destructive influence and violence (our table presents some evidence
from Amnesty International to the contrary) http://bit.ly/2iJiS8K

It was also claimed that the UN in 2014 gave Russia the right to seize
Ukraine http://bit.ly/2k7zLHh
- disproven by the UNGA Resolution 68/262, which condemned Russia's illegal
actions in Ukraine and was supported by 100 United Nations member states,
with only 10 opposing http://bit.ly/1RZGnjo
On Ren TV we also learned that a number of European cities were established
by the ancient Russia, and that Sanskrit originated from Russian. There
was, however, no new historical evidence to accompany these claims
Pointing the finger at Ukraine
Meanwhile the disinformation on Ukraine continued to be in focus for
another week, in parallel with the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission warning
that the violence is on the rise again http://bit.ly/2j9BJ8q
We have previously reported about the link between a raised level of
violence and a high amount of disinformation http://bit.ly/2hrUtDG

This time Ukraine was accused of human rights violations in Crimea prior to
the Russian illegal annexation (despite Human Rights Watch reporting about
the decline in the protection of human rights since the annexation
It was also claimed that military instructors who had previously trained
Daesh in Syria had now arrived to train the Ukrainian Armed Forces
(repeating an older piece of disinformation trying to connect Daesh and
Ukrainian army); and that the Government of Ukraine had illegally taken
control of its own territory http://bit.ly/2jgM7hF

As usual, no evidence was presented to support the claims, including how a
democratically elected government can illegally take control of its own

*Click here for the FULL TABLE
(.pdf) of disinformation pieces collected for the Disinformation Review
issue No 55.

COMMENTARY: Means, goals and consequences of the pro-Kremlin disinformation
campaign After 15 months of collecting data on disinformation, the East
StratCom Task Force concludes that there is no doubt that the pro-Kremlin
disinformation campaign is an *orchestrated strategy*. Read the Task
Force's commentary published by the Italian Institute for International
Political Studies.
Read more
A fake fake news checker Double bluff – this was the conclusion Swedish
internet users reached after a Swedish website presenting itself as a fact
checker turned out to be *reinforcing disinformation*.
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How close is Russia from unplugging the internet? Will Russia attempt to
isolate itself from the world wide web and replace it by a domestic
internet? The *option is on the table*, as controversial discussions
between two Russian ministries indicate.
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"Should have their tongue shortened" In and around Chechnya in Russia’s
Caucasus region, *independent media are frequently targeted *by the local
government. A recent case of threats on social media as well as verbal and
physical attacks drew international reactions.
Read more

Alternative facts The terms "fake news" and "alternative facts" have become
more prominent recently and their spread into other spheres of life is
seemingly unstoppable. Last week, for instance, the German state railways
impressed with a self-ironic tweet about the much-criticised punctuality of
their trains. The post says: "Good news: Today, our trains were 120%
punctual. #alternativefacts"

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