[pp.int.general] International Wiki online

Jan Huwald jh at sotun.de
Mon Apr 9 02:33:24 CEST 2007

Hi pirates,

today we installed the international wiki. It lacks a fine design as well as 
content but I hope to add both with your help. You can reach it under


Special purposes of this wiki are:
* collect and collaborate on regular information about pirates, pirate 
parties, international pirate organisations, their actions and thoughts 
* prepare and promote collaboration between pirate parties, especially in form 
of (real life) meetings 
* help in founding a European pirate party and other international 
organisations of pirates 
* be a starting point for people intending to enroll a pirate party in their 
* have an up-to-date view on stances of import topics 
* hold a media database like Wikipedia Commons

I'd enjoy to hear your opinion to (the feasability of) any of these points and 
hope to see you're soon over there.

To the admins of pp-international.net:
The Wiki-HTTPD allows also wiki.pp-international.net in his VirtualHost 
directive. I hope you can add this in your DNS setting and resolve 
wiki.pp-international.net to (or CNAME 
jacksparrow-b.piratenpartei.de it).

Once the design is bit more polished (~few days) we should announce it on PPI.

Jan Huwald
Politischer Geschäftsführer / Leader of political business
Piratenpartei Deutschland / German Pirate Party
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